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SEO Glasgow

Todays Date is Thursday, 12 January 2017 so we at thenetseo are going to start optimisation this page for “SEO Glasgow” as the search term, now currently this website is 1 year old with only a few links pointing to it, so this is going to be a test of how good we are at optimising this website in a very competitive city for an extremely difficult keyword phrase.

Getting to page 1 of google for SEO Glasgow, so here is what I am going to do first.


So that is the first part, creating an optimised video, now if you go to youtube and google SEO Glasgow you will see it near the top of the page the title is – How to get ranked on google for SEO GLASGOW – seo for 2017 so that is Step 1 done.

Step 2 as you probably gathered is creating quality content that centred around the keyword phrase that I wanted to be found on Google for, thankfully I know a thing or two about SEO so if I don’t rank then you probably won’t be reading and I will probably be looking for a new profession.

Before go to step 3 I thought that I better show you a google.co.uk result of where we are currently for SEO Glasgow

SEO Glasgow - how to get ranked

As you can see we are as of today top of page 11 or to be precise we are ranked at 111 spot on Google – we are sure that this is bringing us a pile of traffic.

Step 3, now we will go to ahrefs and check what links are going to the top 3 companies that are ranking on Google.co.uk for the phrase SEO Glasgow, now i can see that in top spot they have over 485 links, the SEO company in second spot has 124 links, position 3 on google has 280 links to their website, now we have to see the analyse the quality of the links that are pointing to their website and only after doing this will we have a better picture of what links we have to build to help us break into first of all Page 1 of Google but then to break into the top 3 positions.

Ok, those are the 3 main steps we will do, let us see how we progress as next week we are going to start building the links back to this page. So for this week that’s all folks. 13/1/2017 @ 14.57

17-12-2017 – Update – From position 111 now we are at 69

Well, that’s us now at position 67 on Google, I have taken a screenshot in order for you to see that we are at the bottom of page 7 for SEO Glasgow, have to say that we are delighted to have moved 42 slots within the space a handful of days.

how we tryed to get ranked for seo glasgow screenshot

Considering that we have not added a single link yet, we are well chuffed.

30/1/17  – Very quick update, we are now in position 61 on Google, I have tweaked a few bits on the website and this week I am going to start creating a content marketing campaign to start to get it to page 1 of Google.